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News Updates

Hey guys! First and foremost, I want to give a special thanks to Joey N. and Mark D. for their amazing donations to the site! I can't thank you guys enough ;)

Made a small update to re-format the "Community Forge Playlist" to fit nicely with the other rank blocks (Thanks Travis!). If anyone has any cool ideas or something you would like added to the site, I'm always open for suggestion @Reev3rb!

I would also like to assert that this site will remain AD FREE. Ads are a great way for a site to gain revenue, but QuickCSR was made with only the community in mind (not money).

Thanks again to everyone using the site!

Reev3rb • May 22, 2013

Hey everyone! I wanted to quickly give some thanks to Joey N. and Michael M. for their awesome donations to the site! We're able to keep the server running full throttle because of you guys! And we'll definitely need to! Here's some recent site stats:

  • Over 1,500,000 site hits
  • Over 21,000 unique visitors
  • Over 18gigs of bandwidth used

Thank you all so much for using the sites! I'm currently working on the next update to team.quickcsr.com. I've been working on merging the elements from the old site with a new post-game carnage report in a tab based system. So the new update will likely include:

  • Pre-game tab (enter your opponents' gamertags and see their CSR before the game)
  • Post-game Carnage Report (automatically pulls after game stats including if your/your opponents' CSR went up or down)
  • Option to view more than one previous game for the Post-game Carnage Report

If you'd like to see the new format for the Post-game report go HERE

Once again, thanks for using the site! I'm looking forward to pushing new updates as soon as they're finished ;)

Reev3rb • April 27, 2013

Hey all! Hope you guys are enjoying the sites. I wanted to give a super special thank you to Brendan M. and Jason C. for their generous donations to the site! We really appreciate it and can't thank you guys enough!

As always, feel free to tweet @Reev3rb me if anyone has any questions or additions they would like considered for future updates! Also, if you haven't tried it out yet, go check out team.quickcsr.com to keep track of all of your friend's ranks in one place!

Once again, thank you all for using the sites!

Reev3rb • April 22, 2013

Hey everyone! Just updated team.quickcsr.com with a completely re-written script that should load all of your TeamCSR Ranks significantly faster than before! Dabbled in some Multiprocessing stuff with Python and made it quite a bit more efficient.

Hope you guys like it!

More updates soon!

Reev3rb • April 21, 2013

Hello there! Added a small donation button to the bottom of both sites because a few of you were asking about donations (which we happily accept!). The money will go straight to Hunter to pay for any server costs we have at the end of each month. If you don't want to donate, no worries! Using and enjoying the site is more than enough for me.

Also, one of our users from reddit brought to my attention that he had to manually put '%20' in place of spaces for his gamertag in the vanity url (95% of modern browsers will do this automatically for you). So, if you're one of those people with an elder browser or mobile browser that won't automatically do this, replace those spaces with a %20, +, or - in your vanity URL, bookmark it, and you'll be golden!

P.S. I also removed the auto-scrolling on team.quickcsr and changed the auto-scrolling distance on quickcsr because it was annoying some people by moving the search-bar off the screen ;)

More news soon!

Reev3rb • April 20, 2013

Hey everyone! The first iteration of a new addition to quickcsr has just been completed! If you want to compare your team of players with your enemy teams (or just compare your ranks with your friends) go check it out at team.quickcsr.com! As always, feel free to tweet me @Reev3rb if you have any questions or ideas to would like added to the sites!

Hope you guys enjoy it! I'll be using it to see if I make my opponent's ranks go down after each game ;)

More soon!

Reev3rb • April 19, 2013

Hey guys! I just finished implementation of Vanity URLs (earlier than expected)! So now you can bookmark your own gamertags for super easy access to your ranks (eg: www.quickcsr.com/Rev3rb)! Refreshing the page with your tag in the URL will also refresh your ranks! Don't be shy, go ahead and give it a try (share your rank pages with friends :])!


P.S. Waypoint has been having some issues loading some Gamertags (Most likely because of the recent Xbox Live outage). Just want to let you know that it's totally on their end ;)

Reev3rb • April 16, 2013

Hey everyone! Removed the redirect and it looks like the servers have finally stabilized. Currently working on the vanity url update! Can't wait to have it released! If you want to access the site now you can just use www.quickcsr.com (if you haven't been).

Next update will be awesome!

Reev3rb • April 15, 2013

Hey guys! Made a small change to add the Team & Individual Based Rank info that a lot of you were asking for. And, with all ranks currently ordered from highest to lowest, I removed the "Highest Rank" block since it was redundant and taking up space (Thanks Hypertrooper!). As you can see, the redirect is still in place because of wonky server stuff. Luckily, Hunter and I are making progress. If you want to bookmark the page, make sure you set the url as www.quickcsr.com, and not what you currently see in the url of your browser ;)

If you have any questions about the site or ideas you'd like in the next update, you can tweet me @Reev3rb if you like!

P.S. The update to allow vanity urls is still in progress. Once the server is stable (and the redirect is gone), the vanity url update will hopefully be released soon after!

More soon!

Reev3rb • April 14, 2013

Hey everyone! Just updated the site, changing some small things you might not really notice (unless you squint really hard):

  • Re-sized the "rank blocks", allowing more to fit within a row (less scrolling)
  • Ranks are now ordered from highest to lowest
  • Work-in-progress: Convenient vanity URLs (eg. www.quickcsr.com/Rev3rb)

Thanks sooo much to everyone that's using the site! I'm blown away how many people are using it (hopefully Hunter's server holds up!). Here's some fun site stats after the first day:

  • Over 5,000 unique visitors
  • About 1.5gb of bandwidth used
  • Operating Systems: 55% Windows, 30% OSX, 0.2% Sony Playstation (hmmm...)
  • Over 1,700 of you arrived from the Reddit thread (:D)

More updates soon!

Reev3rb • April 12, 2013

QuickCSR.com is fully functional! The new site will begin recieving updates, while the older site will be discontinued. Special thanks to @hskrasek for hosting the site!

Reev3rb • April 11, 2013

You should now be able to check your CSR in all playlists. I'm currently working to see if I can differentiate between Independent Based CSR and Team Based CSR. More soon!

Reev3rb • April 10, 2013

Got an iPhone? If you're looking for more detailed stats go check out my friend's app: Halo4Tracker!